Alice Eduardo’s Ideal Husband

I am Alice Eduardo, and I am so young to have a husband. But my folks keep asking about when… and how and why, like every daughter must extend the brood.

Kidding you all.

Marriage is a deep commitment that I know I’m not ready to make–not yet. I have a lot of other things to think about, but getting married at this young age is not one of them. I want to have a stable career first while traveling the world. So if I marry, I might have to stay put unless I marry someone who’s on the same wavelength as me.

But honestly, the pandemic has got me thinking about what to look for in a husband–like what the last name would fit Alice Eduardo. What would my husband’s name be?

Going back, here are the qualities and characteristics of “the one” for me.

Alice Eduardo’s husband should be…

1) Confident

It’s okay to get insecure sometimes, but I don’t want someone who patronizes himself too much to the point of dependence, suspicion, and resentment. An insecure husband is a doubtful husband for sure.

2) Generous

A selfish man thinks the world revolves around him. I don’t want to be around someone who thinks he’s the epicenter of the universe. Selfish desires are definitely relationship killers.

3) Humble

Some men fake, thinking that false modesty will do. But it will not–never be. A humble man is genuine and has a heartfelt understanding of giving than taking. He thinks of himself less. Proud men often fell into disgrace.

4) Humorous

Good humor and contagious laughter are what you need to get through the day, no matter how difficult it is. I don’t want to journey through life having someone who does not know how to have a good time.

5) Forgiving

There is no perfect relationship, but I would want a husband who can make a life-long commitment despite the heartaches we would meet along the way. Some things in life would eventually lose their purpose. However, being with someone forgiving can make the adversities more bearable. I don’t want to carry a burden of constant guilt if I cause heartache.

6) Honest

Trust and honesty are important in a relationship. These are the foundations of a strong marriage. So I don’t want to marry someone who doesn’t trust me and lies in my face. Honesty is not about being true to me, but more importantly, with himself. If there’s a problem, I would want someone who instead tells that to my face than hiding it, thinking he can address it by himself.

7) Loyal

A relationship involves multitudes of risks. I can understand that. However, who wouldn’t want a man who is loyal to her? Loyalty is the promise of a lifelong relationship. So it’s either I marry someone trustworthily or not marry at all.

8) Dutiful

Duty is old school. While it is true, its value never loses its spark. Only a mature man has a sense of duty. That person knows what he is getting himself into, marrying the love of his life. If I marry someone who is not thoughtful enough, the affection and love may dwindle in the process.

My list of what I want in a husband could go on forever. But let’s stop here. These are the most important things to look for in a husband. He should be present, kind, compassionate, etc. But, most importantly, he should make me a better person than I was before we had a relationship.

I say this because I work on improving myself every day. Still, I am nowhere near the perfect girlfriend–what more is a perfect wife? If we can work on the marriage together, it will be bliss.

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